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Lynn Katz

Author & Educator

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Chester and the Magic 8 Ball (2023)

Twelve-year-old Georgia is convinced her rescue dog can tell the future with a spin of her Magic 8 Ball. She wants to believe Chester when he reassures her that the “outlook is good” for her parents’ troubled marriage. But when it’s a matter of life and death, Chester stops cooperating, and Georgia must learn the difference between probability and magic. She must discover her own power to increase the odds of a happy ending.

Front cover of the book Chester and the Magic 8 Ball by Lynn Katz, with a drawing of a young girl sitting on her bed with her dog.

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Upcoming Appearances

Author Lynn Katz is available for virtual and in-person reading, educational, and discussion events for libraries, book clubs, groups, and organizations.

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About Lynn Katz

Lynn Katz is a former teacher, curriculum writer, and school principal with a soft spot in her heart for toothless rescue dogs. A full-time fiction writer, her debut novel, The Surrogate, was published in May 2021.

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